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  1. AWOT 4 announcement

    September 27, 2012 by Ashley

    Hello lovelies,

    AWOT is back for its fourth outing! And we are heading back to our favourite haunt, The Liberty Lounge, on Thursday 8th November. This time, we are offering AWOT ladies the chance to take part in a gin tasting ahead of the party. The tasting is entirely optional and costs £10 a head to try six gins with the lovely G and Tea Time Рwhose founders (Kate and Carrie) actually met at our very first AWOT gathering last year!

    If you want to come along to the pre-party gin tasting, then please select the gin tasting ticket option and come with a crispy tenner to give to the lovely ladies of G and Tea Time. You will need to arrive on time for the tasting to start at 6:30. If you would rather just come along for the AWOT bit, then feel free to come along from 7:15 onwards.

    As usual, everyone is invited to bake for the party (though that too is entirely optional!). If you haven’t been to an AWOT event before, you are absolutely welcome to come along, meet some fellow lady tweeters, and make some new friends. It’s lots of fun.

    I’ve had lots of people asking me recently about inviting men along to our socials. It’s something I have thought long and hard about, and I’ve listened to the views of everyone who’s offered them. The thing that I like to keep in mind is that AWOT did not start out as a feminist organisation. It started because there were loads of brilliant women on Twitter that I wanted to get to know in real life. It has evolved somewhat since then, and I feel that this blog is an excellent space where people (men and women) can share their thoughts on things. We’ve had feminist discussions and dialogues, and as a strident feminist (*high fives Caitlin*) I think that’s brilliant. At the same time, I am reminded that not everyone that comes along to AWOT identifies as a feminist, and that is not for me to make comment on. So while I am very happy for the website to be more of a feminist space, I think it would be unfair to make the AWOT events into actual feminist events.

    I can’t speak for everyone, but when I go to AWOT, I actually spend less time talking about hardcore feminist issues, and more time discussing cystitis and thigh chafing remedies. So the socials will remain women only for the time being. I think it is important for women to be able to meet and just be among other women. We have a brilliant thing going on, and if inviting men would ruin that for some people, then I don’t think it would be fair. If I have the time to organise a proper feminist get together, then I will of course invite feminist men. I did invite men to the after-party of AWOT 3 and found that very few actually came along. If you have any opinions on the above, or you agree/disagree then please feel free to say so on the comments section below. As always, I appreciate your thoughts. AWOT is a democracy! :)

    I really hope to see lots of you at the gathering in November. I’ve met some of my very best friends through AWOT and it really is a special event. If you haven’t been before and are interested, do come along. We’re dead nice, promise.

    See you in November!

    Ashley x