Why Your “Nice Guy” Routine is Creeping Her Out

The “Nice Guy” Routine Does Not Always Work
The “Nice Guy” Routine Does Not Always Work
When you’re looking for a date, first impressions are everything. Women aren’t looking to go out with just any old guy, so you have to be prepared. If you’ve been down in the dumps because you’re a nice guy and nobody wants to date you, then it might be time to consider a different approach. The whole “nice guy” routine doesn’t cut it with the ladies anymore, and usually you just come off as a creep. Why is that?

You Seem Like You Want Something

You Want Something More Than You Let Know
You Want Something More Than You Let Known
Whether or not this is true is beside the point. To any woman, a guy who’s acting too nice right off the bat just wants something from her. No lady’s going to take your attitude at face value. In this day and age, people don’t act like that for no reason. It’s an antiquated way to behave, and women don’t trust you if you behave like that. You’re more likely to get smacked then asked out, and if you ask her out first then you’re probably going to get punched. Either way you end up in pain and alone, which is not the way you want to spend your evening.

It’s Fake

Your “Nice Guy” Routine It’s Fake
Your “Nice Guy” Routine It’s Fake
To women, this attitude is always fake and implies that you’re hiding something beneath the surface. Nobody believes that you can actually have that personality, so you’re not fooling anyone. Even if you want to be nice when you first meet a woman, keep it toned down. You don’t have to be sugar sweet and always willing to jump to help her. That tells her right off the bat that you have a different personality than what you’re showing to her, and she’ll assume it’s a bad one if you feel like you should hide it. Keep her from feeling this way by letting in some sarcasm here and there, or throw in a few jokes. Also keep in mind that women are going to test you. She’ll see how much she can get from you, and how far she can push you. Don’t take any more than what you feel like taking. If she asks you to jump, don’t ask how high. Tell her that she can do it herself if she really wants it. It might feel like you’re being rude, but honestly it’s refreshing to a woman to hear that from you. It tells her that you’re being yourself, and not putting up a façade to impress her. Being honest will trump putting on airs any day, just give it a try.

Inherently Sexist

Just so you know, women hate the whole “milady” and car door opening routine. To them, it reverts your relationship back to the Victorian era, where women were accessories to men. You think you’re being polite, but she thinks you’re being an asshole who doesn’t think women are equal to men. Instead, you should be kind but aware that she can do things herself. At least do us all a favor and spare her the “milady” garbage. Literally no women like that. If you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around it, picture yourself in her shoes. Would you like being treated like you’re a fragile, delicate flower, unable to do a thing without the help of a big, strong man? You probably wouldn’t like that at all. When you treat her like this, you’re insulting her and she’s not going to want to go out with you. In fact, she’s going to want to run the opposite way, out the exit and far away from you. Your nice guy routine is creeping her out because she can’t get a read on you, and she thinks that you want her to submit to you. Ditch the fedora, and stop pitying yourself for never being able to get a date even though you’re “such a nice guy”. Be yourself instead and you’re sure to get way better results, and not be constantly stuck in the friend zone.